Hi! My name is Matthew Johnston!
As a current student at Biola University, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, I am excited for the future and what the Lord plans to do with my life. I am a straight shooting business minded individual, always looking to learn from, and help others. I am passionate about being the best version of myself for the glory of Jesus Christ, as well as a driven individual with a commitment to strive for excellence in leadership in all that I do.
What do I do?
Beyond my business studies at Biola University, I am a professional photographer and videographer with a concentration in real estate, as well as automotive content. The majority of my work is done in the Chicagoland and Los Angeles areas. Check out some recent footage I've produced in the video to the left!

Where do I want to go?
I am an aspiring business professional with a strong interest in management and sales. My past experiences and skills have taught me many things about project management, managing people and relationships, working on teams, and self reflection. 

Some recent work: 3M SWOT Analysis Presentation
Crafted in collaboration with my business associates Gabriel Montgomery and Tiago Chess, this presentation highlights the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and treats of the 3M Company.
This project was a wonderful learning experience that gave me insight into the though processes of those who make decisions for a large company like 3M. Through this project I developed collaboration and professional communication skills through teamwork with my group. If I were to do this project all over again I would create a step-by-step list of actionable steps for our team to execute to ensure we are all on the same page and always know what to do next.  
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